A Deer Valley Unified School District teacher spends on average $513 of their own income purchasing essential classroom materials to make up for shortfalls in state provided supplies and materials.  The Deer Valley Teachers Fund addresses this by offering concerned citizens the opportunity to assist our dedicated public school teachers in their important mission.

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Note: School selection is provided if you want 1/2 of your donation to go to a specific school.

Why was the Fund established?
In an article in the Phoenix Business Journal, two reasons for teachers leaving this profession include low pay and insufficient classroom resources.  State funding for essential classroom supplies is inadequate, requiring our dedicated public school teachers to augment state funds with their own monies – on average $513 per teacher per year.  A group of concerned citizens felt this to be an unjust burden.  Sensing no relief through the legislative process any time soon, the Fund was created to help ease the burden by providing a means for citizens to make a direct contribution to public education.

My children are grown and gone and I pay property taxes.  Why should I care about this?
In the same Phoenix Journal article mentioned above, a decline in education eventually will snowball into a rapid decline in business moving into or staying in Arizona.  Public education is the bedrock of society.  Arizona is at the bottom in funding for education.  Our future depends upon more proactive engagement by all citizens, not just parents and teachers.  Donating to this fund is one way to make a difference.

How does the Fund work?
Donations are collected by the Deer Valley Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Teachers procure approved supplies and submit receipts to a volunteer committee, which then allocates funds up to a maximum per teacher per year according to need.

What kind of materials are covered?
Basic supplies and materials and some project related special purchases.  Approved supplies are monitored carefully by an experienced volunteer committee comprised of teachers and community volunteers.

What if I want my contribution to go to a particular school?
Contributors may designate up to one half of their donation to specific schools within the DVUSD; the remaining half is allocated throughout the district to non-designated schools to achieve balance.

Is my contribution eligible for tax consideration?
Donations qualify for 501(c)(3) status, but one should always consult a tax professional.

Where may I get more information?
Download our brochure,   or you can call 623-445-5012.

To donate: Select this ->  Friends Of Deer Valley Teachers Fund   It's that easy.  Note: School selection is provided if you want 1/2 of your donation to go to a specific school.