153 Students comprising 57 teams from 13 schools competed in the DVEF  Battle of the Books this year!  The Final Battle between the highest scoring team from each school took place in the District Office in May.  Teams and Media Center Specialist came by buses to the District Office to compete.  It was quite a lively  competition and celebration! Students commented it was their 1st and only field trip of the year!!

Dr. Curtis Finch, Superintendent, Deer Valley Unified School District, welcomed  the teams and gave them some words of encouragement. 

Photo of Dr Curtis Finch, Superintendent, Deer Valley Unified School District

There were 4 teams with perfect scores causing a 4-way tie-breaker!  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams received trophies. 1st place team members also received a Kindle!  Every participant went home with a prize!

1st Place: The Unikornz from Stetson Hills - Tyler Bedgood, Kaylor David, and Cole Flores

Photo of Champions

2nd Place: Fireworks from Las Brisas - Samantha Beutler, Makenna Carroll, Alyssa Sarver

Photo of second place team

3rd Place: Bookworms from Sunset Ridge: Shae Holfeltz, Sandra Hullinger

bob third place

top winners

winners row